Email Templates for Wedding Planners (Venues and wedding businesses)

Email Templates for Wedding Planners (Venues and wedding businesses)


OVER 22 EMAIL TEMPLATES for your wedding planning business.
Comes in pdf for an easy copy and paste. All you need to do is add your company name and details to the wording.

Hey Friend,

My name is Fiorella and I work in the wedding industry, just like you. I started my business in 2011 and have grown it into a full-time business earning 6 figures. 

One of the things that helped my business look, sound professional and properly represent my brand was creating email templates for my team. It helps make things seamless and consistent. It was also a key part of expanding my team and growing my company. So here are my templates for you to put to good use. 

Each template has a brief description of how my team and I use them. That way you have an idea where to start and how to implement them in your business. 
* BE SURE TO READ THROUGH and replace our business name, dates and blanks with your specific needs.

Thank you,

*these items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Email messages professionally written and ready to be put to use in your business. 

  • General Inquiries Email Response

  • Response To Wedding Inquiries

  • Instagram Response

  • Facebook Auto Response

  • Out of Office

  • Follow Up After the Initial Meeting

  • Checking Back With An Inquiry

  • Already Booked

  • Discount Request Response

  • Client Meeting - Prep Email

  • Welcome Email - Setting Client Expectations

  • 9-month meeting email

  • 6-month meeting email

  • 3-month meeting email

  • One Month Away Email

  • Wedding Week Email

  • Thank You

  • Tasting Email 

  • Ask For Review

  • Vendor Confirmation/Calls

  • Introduction Email to a New Venue, Photographer or Vendor.

  • Request To Use Photos/Video

  • Declining (politely) to getting coffee, picking my brain or a free styled shoot.