One on one sessions are often better. They allow you to ask your personalized questions, troubleshoot issues specific to you and create an actions plan specific to your business.

We offer consulting sessions for Wedding Planners, Venue Coordinators, and Wedding Florists. If you are a different category please reach out to us before booking a session to ensure we can help.

Sessions consist of 90 minute, where we can handle one of the following topics.

  • Marketing plan for the year

  • Creating workflows (inquiries, services, templates)

  • Managing the wedding day

  • Setting your fee and pricing

How does the sessions work?

The first session is spent getting to know your business, services, market, and your problem areas. Towards the end of the session we will begin creating an action plan. You should plan on at least two session to create a full action plan to move forward with and a third if you want to pivot.