Breaking wedding rules

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About Jose

A nuptial maestro, for almost a decade, José specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress when it comes to weddings. He quickly made a name for his chill vibe and generous command. His planning and design aesthetic has made him one of the top rising wedding planners in NYC. 

Podcast Topics:
1. the benefits of a floating dinner. 
2. Alternatives to photo booths 
3. Why cake cutting ceremony is a bad idea 
4. Why first reveal (as opposed to seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time) is so much better! 
5. Why it's good to have dance lessons for your first dance. 
6. What sets my company apart from others (will talk about Wellness and the packages my services include). 

Jose’s Links

IG: @joserolonevents 
Twitter: @joserolonevents