Difficult clients and how to let them go with Natalie Dawley


  • Difficult clients 

  • How to know when to fire a client 

  • How to avoid accepting the wrong client 

  • Red flags to look out for 

  • How to attract the right clients

About our guest: Natalie Dawley

Hello! I'm Natalie Dawley, owner of Two Be Wed- a wedding consulting and event design firm headquartered in Houston, Texas offering luxury services for Classic, Cultural, and Destination weddings. 

When I opened the doors at Two Be Wed in 2006, I chose to define success as something beyond just Two Be Wed growing and prospering. Our founding vision was (and always will be) to raise the standard of the ‘wedding event’ in Houston – throughout Texas, and to any destination our clients want to travel. After more than 12 years our mission has been successful, and the Two Be Wed planning philosophy continues to inspire everyone we work with in the industry to reach for new levels of creativity and expertise.

Two Be Wed planners have consistently provided the kind of exceptional service that eliminates any undue stress on our clients, so they can get the greatest amount of enjoyment out of their engagement. When the big day arrives, our clients tell us they feel more confident and assured because of the experiences they had with us along the planning journey. And after it’s all over, Two Be Wed clients say they remember us for being efficient, creative, resourceful, and reassuring!

Where can our listeners find you? website social links 

Website- www.twobewed.com 
Instagram - @twobewed 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/twobewed