Leveling up your business

Leveling up your business can mean different things to different people. Perhaps you want to make more money, grow a team, offer a new product or service, work remotely or take on a completely new set of projects. Maybe you’ve attained your goals and need a new direction. Perhaps your life has reached a point that is causing your priorities to shift. No matter what leveling up means to you, it is possible and within your reach if you approach it the right way.

In this audio class Leah Weinberg:

  • How the presenter transformed her own career as a wedding planner into her dream positioning as an in-demand speaker, author and party planning expert. 

  • How you can identify your business “buckets” or priorities.

  • When, how and why to say, “No.”

  • The wisdom in trying, failing, and moving on, and how it applies to leveling up one’s business.


Leah Weinberg is the Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop Events -- a New York City-based wedding planning company that focuses on the details and lives in the logistics. Now in her sixth year of business, Leah leverages skills like organization, attention to detail, and client service from her prior career as a commercial real estate attorney to excel at event production. 

Her colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha Stewart Living, The Knot, Brides, Buzzfeed and more.

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Our conversation is casual. However to better prepare, are there any questions you would like me to ask or certain topics you would like or would not like to talk about? 

In addition to speaking about how planners can "level up" in their business, I really want to also discuss what happens when things don't work out. Not everything is a success and I want to make sure we address that for your listeners.