Fiorella Neira- Planner in Training


I'm a planner and designer. Pursuing my dreams and sharing my love of the industry with others since 2011. I'm the owner of Neira Event Group and last but not least, a lover of chai lattes and sea food. I was born in Lima, Peru where events were always a big part of my family's weekends (gatherings are in my blood! haha)

Planner in Training is a podcast where I hold casual conversations about the business of weddings. A podcast where you hear from the top industry pros, and a place to connect with those in the middle of the event business journey. We all know how easy it is to get into the industry but reaching profitability, running a successful event business is not easy at all. That is why I launched this, because this is something I badly needed back in 2011 when I started.

When I'm not working you can find me hangin' with my husband, Dennis and my fur child, Marcelle. Watching our favs Game of thrones, Marvel movies (his picks) or Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars (my picks) or simply out hiking and kayaking in new places.

photo cred: Alyssa Parker Photography