I’m here to help you, to guide you and to share all my knowledge. I wish I would have had someone to coach me through starting, operating and marketing my business. Though it has taken me some time, my business and brand are my full time commitment. I now own a 6 FIGURE event planning business and I would be honored to help you with yours.

If you want to create a successful, PROFITABLE, wedding business. If you want a company and not just a job that will stress you out. If you truly love your work and you are not just in it for the money then I’m here for you with a six session program.

Consulting STEPS

  • Basics: Contracts, legal and accounting.

  • Issues: What are your current issues? What problems are you having currently? Then we will set a plan to fix them.

  • Systems: Discuss your current services, client communication, packages and pricing.

  • Goal Setting: Yes let’s set this. Business, lifestyle and client goals.

  • Marketing: Actionable steps, social media breakdown, networking, monthly marketing planning and reaching new clients.

  • Systems vol.2: Let’s set up new systems, pricing and client communication.

6 session program can be paid in 2 or 3 payments.